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Integrative Breathwork

Integrative Breathing is a form of ‘cathartic breathing’, a group of breathing techniques commonly referred to as "breathwork".

Kundalini Yoga afuera

There are different breathing techniques in use nowadays: Holoscopic, Holotropic, Holorenic, Tumo, Sudarshan Kriya, Integrative Breathing, which is the one we practice here at Heartful Motion, and many others.

All of them are based on ancestral ‘shamanic’ practices that have been performed in different parts of the world (America, Oceania, Asia, Europe...). They have been part of the traditional wisdom of practically all ancient cultures throughout time and across the planet, and each tradition developed its unique and specific way of performing the practice. However, the common purpose and essence remains.


Despite the differences in procedures, the essence common to all breathwork is the practice of expanded and controlled breathing, which we call hyperventilation. It is expanded because we breathe more than usual. It is controlled because the person breathing is in control of the situation at all times, always being able to choose the depth and intensity that they want to experience and feel what they need to feel.

This is a fundamental difference with other consciousness-opening practices, such as the use of entheogens, the so-called ‘sacred plants’ or ‘medicine plants’, like ayahuasca, peyote, san pedro....

We are not against it, just pointing out the main difference, which is that with these external substances we are completely dependent on the effect they have on us and we do not have the power to decide when it ends, nor can we influence the depth and intensity of the experience.

Breathing is something we all are capable of and it depends on ourselves. With proper guidance and in a safe environment, it can lead us to expanded states of consciousness from which we can heal repressed emotions, painful memories of our life or past lives, and peel back the veils that cover our True Self layer by layer and access the reality of who we essentially are, an infinite universe of pure unconditional love.


Having frequently practiced many of these cathartic practices, we have chosen Integrative Breathwork. The reason is simple: It is a very flexible, very gentle practice that allows each person to adapt it to their needs and circumstances. It is not necessary to breathe intensely for prolonged periods of time. Our experience is that from subtlety and gentleness it is also possible to access healing experiences.


From our own personal experience and with all our heart, we offer you this wonderful tool for your personal and spiritual development.

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