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Inside Dance

Inside Dance is a therapeutic tool for creative deepening in the field of

bodily expression and communication.

Inside Dance, People dancing

Through attentive and sensitive listening to the body, movement releases, rehabilitates and integrates forgotten layers that linger in our unconscious, thus allowing access to non-mental "information" that predisposes us to accept and fit the flow of life, unclamping old patterns in order to make space for new ones.

Each musical composition, each proposed dance is lovingly designed to impact the different chakras and to release limiting or traumatic memories. This happens through movement, through the joy and pleasure of being alive, and through sound, referring to our primordial and essential sounds. These are usually considered inappropriate by education and society, thus we end up repressing the manifestation of our essential nature.

Inside Dance helps us to find a way back to our true nature, to release what needs releasing, to express what is usually repressed and to discover and feel ourselves truly alive again.

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