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Systemic Constellations

We are all connected... with those who came before us... with those who follow us...,

with our past experiences, the stories we tell ourselves....

If we are looking for healing within ourselves, connectedness instead of disconnection
– be it to a person or a goal, an attitude towards life that we desire for ourselves – systemic constellation work offers a pathway.

Through it, we can experience clarity and possibly even healing.

Rain net, systemic constellations, connections

In systemic constellations, inner images – conscious or unconscious – are represented by means of persons, so-called representatives. These can change in the direction of healing/solution, if the client (the person who wants to work on a certain topic) is truly ready for it and open to what wants to be revealed. What and how exactly this happens can only be experienced, but not cognitively grasped.


Basically, systemic constellations can offer clarity for every issue you face, be it that you never really find your place, have trouble with commitment or finding a partner, or in general are behaving a certain way or facing certain fears and feelings that you have no (rational) explanation for and would like to make peace with.

Once per week, we invite you to such an experiential journey – given that there are at least six guests present in the house willing to participate. If you like, you can bring an issue to work on yourself or act as a representative for someone and experience the effect of systemic constellations.

Participation in systemic constellations does not require prior knowledge or acting skills. It only requires our innate human ability to empathically resonate with the thoughts and emotions of others.


Please note that sometimes there are events involved in a family's past that are closely linked to people other than the client. They might reveal themselves if the system is ready for it and the information is helpful to the client, but they might also not. The systemic field always works in service of the client. However, in case permission would be needed from someone other than the client to reveal or heal something and it is not given, we are not allowed to interfere.

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