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Transpersonal Meditation

Sayings such as "that's how I am" or "I can't change" contain deep lies that we tell ourselves constantly and that prevent us from taking responsibility for our actions

and reactions by blaming "the others" or "the circumstances"

for our own frustrations and discomforts.

Change is not only possible, but it is an essential right of every human being.

The ability to adapt to change is one of the best qualities we have as a race.

Transpersonal Meditation

Transpersonal Meditation is the learnable ability to break through the different layers that make up our personality, enabling us to go beyond them, and thus, beyond his/her beliefs about himself/herself and his/her essence.
Transpersonal Meditation can be understood as a way of life, a proactive attitude of wanting to be present. As we have personally experienced, it allows you to go to a place where you are conscious of and able to take control of your reactions, transforming them into conscious actions, thus freeing yourself from the prison of “it’s just the way I am, so I can’t change”. 

Our retreats are strongly based on these principles of presence as well as conscious self-empowerment and -responsibility. Neither do we offer a trendy commercial product, nor a vacation place where you come to do some yoga and relax on the beach, although it has to be said that beach time is not incompatible with conscious living and hence it can be enjoyed while you are here.

If you feel that you need a change of direction in your life, we humbly offer you simple tools to facilitate just that, tools that you can incorporate into your daily life, little by little and at your own pace, without external imposition or passing fads. Following your inner wisdom only by developing deep listening as a vital attitude. 

Mindfulness consists of different formal and informal attention practices, through the practice of which we become aware of all the facets of the present experience – without judgement. It is a state of attention and connection with the present moment as it is, where you can be conscious and clearly perceive all your thoughts and emotions as well as physical sensations and circumstances instantaneously, creating the micro space of time needed to receive everything with love and awareness
instead of reacting in an automated, unconscious way. 

This state is needed for conscious answers that are in accordance with what you really feel in the depths of your heart to arise, opening up options from which you can choose with more freedom and less fear, enabling you to start being happy with yourself and your circumstances, whatever they may be. 

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