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Yoga and Meditation Retreats
With a Lot of Heart

A journey back home,

back to the heart

Why Join the Heartful Motion Community?

Coming to our retreat offers you the unique opportunity to truly connect with yourself by introducing or deepening the use of techniques that can make your life fulfilled, fruitful, and full of love.

Heartful Motion is a place to get to know and deepen your emotions, to express yourself,
and to spend time on inner healing and self-development. 

You'll develop a healthy way of living with the daily practice of asanas, meditation, pranayama, the chanting of mantras, dancing, and self-work, and above all with the implementation of the attitude of being present in daily life, where it is deeply needed through simple but effective instructions. 

This retreat can show you the healthy benefits of living a yogi life, a life lived from your own (heart) center, the here and now, even and especially in everyday life. 

Sound Bath

Diverse self-healing offer

Simple and personal approach

Caring, professional instructors

Meditation Mudra
Heartful Motion logo

Your Hosts (Us)



Psychological Counselor,

Yoga Teacher

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria.

An intense life as a business consultant and project manager provoked her to turn to yoga and meditation as a resource. Later, she found to her true calling in psychological counseling and systemic constellation work.



Mindfulness, Breathwork
& Yoga Teacher

Born and raised in Valencia, Spain.

Fatherhood at the age of 30 inspired a dramatic life change for him and lead him to a path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Vipassana Meditation.

In breathwork and "everything breath"

he found his home.

Discover (Y)our Program

We wholeheartedly offer you the tools that supported our self-development and healing path, which we continually use ourselves to further our personal journey.

We do this with all the love, humility and simplicity possible, with the clear conscience that anyone who really is firmly determined to walk the path of self-knowledge and healing
will find what he*she is truly looking for: 

Happiness without reason, peace no matter the circumstance, and mental & emotional balance.

Yoga Teaching
Inside Dance
Coaching Offer
Systemic Constellations
Integrative Breathwork
Deep Tissue Massage
Transpersonal Meditation
Sound Bath
Online Program

A Typical Day at Heartful Motion

We start the day in silence* and without food as part of our practice of intermittent fasting. In case you need it, you can use the kitchen and prepare your own breakfast, however, please keep in mind that others may be in silence and try to be as considerate as possible.

07:00   Silent Meditation (optional)

08:00   Yoga Philosophy, Psychology & Practical Implications

09:00   Asana, Pranayama and/or (Guided) Meditation Practice

10:30    Bhakti Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath, Dynamic Meditation or similar

Once a week, we’ll lead Systemic Constellations and an Inside Dance Session instead of the morning class, provided there is a minimum of six participants.


11:30     Brunch

12:00    Free time

16:30    Yin Yoga

18:00    Meditation (short guidance in the beginning + 20-25 minutes of silence)

19:00    Silent Dinner* (once everyone finished eating, mindful talking is allowed)

22:00   Rest and quiet atmosphere for yourself and the others

Once a week, we’ll lead a Breathwork Session instead of the afternoon class.

* Silence until 8 am, after 10 pm and during dinner is to be respected by everyone.
* Please do not bring your phone to the yoga room nor to the brunch/ dinner table.
* If you want to meditate longer in the evening, you can do so until dinner.

While we are not a silent retreat, we offer small moments of silence to begin making friends with it.
Silence has quite a bad reputation, however, in our experience, calmness and inner peace
can only appear from a state of inner silence... 

If we are not able to be silent outwardly, how can we be silent inwardly? 

Apart from that, these moments of silence are part of our daily medicine to be able to sustain ourselves and to continue to provide a healthy and safe space for deep emotional work, plus,
it is our place of stillness within the constant movement of guests coming and leaving.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to maintain this healthy atmosphere.

Our Experience Supports Us

Many steps have already been taken on the path of our personal development,
many more are left, and our desire to share them with you is growing!!
Do you dare to embark on a heartful journey with us?


Years of Experience

We started teaching classes and workshops in 2009,

in different disciplines

related to personal development.

Happier People


Over the years, we have shared moments of mutual learning with many more than 1,000 people, and we are all a little happier.

Reviews Received


We offer the best of ourselves with all our passion, affection and love. That has resulted in a multitude of reviews on different platforms.

A place charged with good

energy. Where yoga and

meditation are a lifestyle that

the locals are willing to share.

I was looking for peace and

I found it, and that just in 4 days.

I also think I could levitate.

Review Nath

Nath Rodríguez

I loved the non judging environment, the warmth of both the instructors and the people staying there. I always felt safe and accepted. (...) They provide everything for you to have a relaxing, mindful and spiritual stay. You just have to bring positive attitude and openness to the experience :)

Review Nika

Nika Lap

It was the most magical, affecting, and impressive experience of my life! In this precious place, full of Peace and pure Love, I found myself. Infinite thanks Santi and the entire team for accompanying me in this beautiful process, in just one week I feel reborn… because I am! ❤️❤️❤️

Plant in crystal bottle

Katalin Puskadi

Heartful Motion Logo

The question is not whether you want to be happy.

The question is how long you want your happiness to last.

Only for the few moments when everything is going well,

or would you rather feel happy all the time?

Booking & Further Information

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